Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Home decor inspiration #1

One of my passions in life is home decor.  My home is far from how I'd like it, so I spend copious hours browsing Pinterest in the hopes of finding that perfect piece of inspiration to spur me on to create the perfect home.  So today, I've put together some of my favourite Pinterest inspiration images, I hope you like them :)

I love how stunning this is for a downstairs toilet - I don't have one in my house, but if I did, this is exactly how I'd like it to be designed, simple and elegant without being overly feminine.

This is an amazing solution for desks in a small space.  I can just imagine sitting there with my laptop blogging away and writing these Pinterest posts :)

Incredibly simple and would look so beautiful in the garden, just some old jars, pebbles at the bottom (or you could put some dried beans in there like cannellini beans) and a small pillar candle, then hang it up with some rough string, perfect.

How pretty is this table and chevron carpet!?  By the looks of Pinterest, chevron print is really in right now, whether that's on a painting, or a rug.  I'm a complete sucker for teal too.

This looks like such a warm and inviting lounge area, so cozy.  You can just imagine spending warm evenings here on a cold winters night with a glass of red wine and a book or film.  Such beauty.

This actually reminds me of my aunt's old house.  I love the miss-mash of photo's and frames going up the stairs, it makes it look so homely.  I'm a big fan of wall lamps too, I really could get away with this on my stairs, it's just a big blank wall waiting for a collection of photo's :)

You can follow my home decor Pinterest board here if you'd like to re-pin these from source :)

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